What to expect!

SoulBeat Interiors


A simple, yet powerful philosophy is the foundation from which SoulBeat was built. Our legendary quality standards are just as evident today as they were ever since it started. Close relationships with vendors and tight, efficient manufacturing processes allow us to remain very price competitive


A lot of suppliers tout their quick-ship programs which feature several products in an array of fabrics, all available in several weeks or less. At SoulBeat, thousands of style, cover, and finish combinations are produced in days, not weeks; one of the industry’s fastest turnaround times.


We build the best quality products, at the most affordable prices.  Being able to turn product quickly and replenish it just as quickly is truly the power of VALUE. When you combine our QUALITY, SPEED, and SELECTION, coupled with being built in the Botswana, we challenge you to find a better VALUE.


Today’s customer wants to be trendy, yet unique SELECTION is now and has always been a key focus for us. We offer thousands of style, cover, and finish combinations to meet the desire of today’s buyers. With many competitors offering a handful of products in select covers, here we open you up to a whole new world of SELECTION opportunities

Made in Botswana

SoulBeat cover solutions is a 100% citizen owned company. Our employees take pride in their relentless work ethics, attention to details and doing their job the right way, the first time.